Shore Leave #23 - STLV 101 Part 2 with Marina & Jesse

Originally released on June 04, 2017

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On this episode of Shore Leave we will be continuing our STLV 101 series with part two covering convention hours, schedules and events, autographs, photo ops, meet and greets, cosplay, props and weapons policies and much, much more!

Here is a breakdown :

00:02:41 - Convention Hours, Theater, Vendor Room and Event Times
00:20:00 - Autographs, Photo Ops and Meet & Greet General Information
00:27:48 - Buying Autograph & Photo Op Tickets At The Convention
00:28:51 - Autographs in the Main Theater
00:32:29 - Autograph Advice, Tips & Tricks
00:38:13 - Professional Photo Ops
00:43:26 - Picking up your pro photos & Ordering JPEGs
00:47:15 - Additional Pro Photo Info
00:49:26 - Selfie Photo Ops
00:52:00 - Interacting With Celebrities
00:58:11 - Photo Op Tips & Tricks
01:02:47 - Meet & Greets
01:09:42 - Cosplay General Info & Advice
01:14:24 - Our Previous Cosplay Episode (click here)
01:12:48 - Cosplay Safety & Harassment
01:18:10 - Garak's Tailor Shop
01:20:04 - Planning Your Cosplay For Safety
01:22:16 - Costume Contest & Parade
01:28:15 - Cosplay Group Photos
01:39:53 - Props & Weapons Policies

STLV 101 Part 3 covering even more Star Trek Las Vegas Convention topics with Marina and Jesse is available here! And if you haven&t listened to Part 1 yet, check it out here!

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