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Apr 11, 2018 : Episode 300 Coming Soon!

Hi everyone! Our 300th episode is coming very soon featuring retrospectives from all of our Tricorder hosts. Keep your eyes on the site or your favorite podcast catcher in the coming weeks! LLAP

Apr 23, 2018
Infinite PoliTreks, Infinite Diversity
In this week's episode, Shashank and Barry sit down for a wonderful chat with Ryder Wilhelm, and Dan Deevy (the founder of Gaaays in Spaaace!) on the experience of being a member of the LGBTQ+ Community within Trek Fandom. This discussion is both entertaining and illuminating and we are sure you will enjoy it!

Apr 20, 2018
Top 5 TOS Underrated
TrekRanks dives into our Top 5 TOS Underrated by celebrating the unheralded and underappreciated elements of TOS, a series that is most certainly not underrated. This week Jim Moorhouse is joined by Jeff Hulit and two members of Five Year Mission (Mike Rittenhouse and Andy Fark), the renowned Star Trek band writing a song for every episode of The Original Series. We break down our Top 5 Underrated in five distinct categories: production design, performer, Dabo wildcard round, character and episode!

Apr 18, 2018
Saints and Demons - Featuring Star Trek: Invasion!: First Strike
This week, hosts Will and Marty dive into the Star Trek: Invasion! Crossover novel. In the first of a four part series, they talk about the saints and demons within First Strike, by Diane Carey. Next time, Star Trek: Invasion!: The Soldiers of Fear!

Apr 17, 2018
Character Deep-Dive: Tilly
DiscoTrek returns with hosts Heather and Jeff joined by Laura Johnson and Crystal Pisano for it's 19th episode featuring a deep-dive into everything about the Sylvia Tilly character!

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