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Jun 13, 2019
Top 5 Road Trips
This week we are packing up our runabout and powering up the impulse engines to discuss our Top 5 Road Trips in Star Trek. So whether you are departing Sector 001 in a shuttlecraft or hiking through the Vulcan Forge with a friend, there are an infinite number of ways to approach this fun topic. Host Jim Moorhouse and guests Debbie Moltisanti and Jamie McGregor discover more than a few short cuts on their trip deep into the Trek archive.

Jun 10, 2019
Second Week of June 2019
Host Alex Perry brings you a solo outing diving into the new cover for the Star Trek: Discovery novel, "Enterprise War," a lawsuit filed in federal court against licensed costumer ANOVOS, the DS9 Documentary cinematic showings moving Down Under, and the sad passing of Star Trek artist Keith Birdsong. A quiet week means a quick episode!

Jun 4, 2019
PoliTreks of Star Trek 2009
In this Epsiode, Shashank and Barry take a deep dive into the great Kelvin Universe/JJ-verse/soft-reboot/Fast And Furious In Space movie Star Trek, released in 2009 after almost half a decade of no official Trek TV or cinema. We look at our relationship to the movie, cultural perception then and now, character portrayals (both compelling and uncanny), and how for some of us, brought Trek back into our lives in a big way.

Jun 3, 2019
First Week of June 2019
On this week's WeeklyTrek, Alex is joined by Nina H. to discuss the announced contents of the DS9 Documentary DVD and Blu Ray (all three versions!), Chris Hemsworth's comments on why he turned down Star Trek IV, potential talks between CBS and Viacom about re-merging, and a new look at the latest Eaglemoss starships. All that, plus two wishes, and two theories!

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