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Jun 18, 2018
On Toxic Fandom in Politics and Star Trek
In this episode, Barry and Shashank discuss, at length, toxic fandoms in the Star Trek Community, and in other communities.

Jun 15, 2018
Top 5 Hottest Characters, Part 2
In Part 2 of our back-to-back Top Hottest Character episodes, TrekRanks continues our celebration of IDIC during Pride Month. Our LGBTQIAP+ panelists, regardless of their orientation, will conclude our two-part special by each rattling off their Top 5 Hottest Characters, this time focused on the women.

Jun 13, 2018
TrekProfiles #5
Host John Krikorian sits down with guest Crystal Pisano to talk about her Trek fandom!

Jun 12, 2018
Second Week of June 2018
Our weekly news show! This week, Barry DeFord of PoliTreks and John Krikorian of TrekProfiles talk Discovery news, McFarland Toys announcements and more!

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