Supplemental Log 017 - These Are The Voyages : Marc Cushman Interview

A big week for The Tricorder Transmissions sees hosts Craig and Jeff sitting down with author, writer, director, producer Marc Cushman to discuss his three-book series "These Are The Voyages : TOS", some behind-the-scenes insights on the writing of the books, and his own personal history with Star Trek.

Marc Cushman holding Saturn Award Trophy
(photo courtesy Albert L. Ortega)

"These Are The Voyages : TOS" is being called the definitive history of Star Trek : The Original Series, and rightly so. With books one and two already available and the third installment due out before Christmas 2014, it is a truly exciting time to be a TOS fan. We at The Tricorder Transmissions are extremely grateful to Marc for taking the time to talk to us and give us this enthusiastic and enlightening interview.

We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it!

More information about Marc Cushman can be found on his website at

The book series, "These Are The Voyages : TOS", can be purchased at as well as on the official Facebook page.

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