Supplemental Log 032 - Star Trek 2017 Speculation

Originally released on November 08, 2015

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CBS announces a brand new Star Trek television series slated to premiere in January 2017! Of course, we are here with our good friends Heather Barker, Chris Ritzer and Adam Drosin to speculate about what the show might bring. What time period will it take place in? What universe, Prime or JJ? Will we see the Enterprise or a brand new ship...?!


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Jeff Hulit
Managing Partner of The Tricorder Transmissions Network and Administrator of the Unofficial Las Vegas Star Trek Convention Facebook Group.
Jeff is a regular host on Shore Leave, DiscoTrek, The Original Mission, Drawing Trek, and Supplemental Logs.
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Chris Ritzer
Resident TNG, DS9 and Star Trek literature expert
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Heather Barker-Barrons

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Adam Drosin
Our Paramount connection, friend of the show, and fellow STLV attendee.