PoliTreks! Barry DeFord and Shashank Avvaru talk politics, religion, and society around the replicator. Along with special guests, we choose to Boldly Go straight into the social, political, and sometimes spiritual underpinnings at the core of Star Trek. In this podcast, we aim to seek out new perspectives, and discover the ways Trek - past and present - can help us better understand the world as it is, and us as we are. We travel at warp speed through worlds, timelines, and dimensions with one mission: make sense of our reality!

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Nov 12
PoliTreks #1: Heroes
The first episode of our brand new podcast series, PoliTreks is here! Hosts Barry and Shashank examine the triumphs and failures of heroes in Star Trek and parallels in our real lives.

Nov 19
PoliTreks #2: A Case for the Traveler
On the second episode of PoliTreks, Shashank states a convincing case for The Traveler, while Barry comes to realize that maybe, just maybe, Shashank may be onto something!

Dec 03
PoliTreks #3: Spies in our Starciety (Part 1)
In episode 3 of PoliTreks, Shashank and Barry tackle a perennial theme in Star Trek: spies! This first part of a three-part series, we use the TNG episode 'Face of the Enemy' from season 6 to explore the plight of the reluctant spy - those who have been brought unwillingly into the world of espionage.

Dec 13
PoliTreks Supplemental #1: WE INTERRUPT THIS PODCAST
The line has been drawn. The sides have been chosen. Shashank and Barry interrupt their regularly scheduled podcast to gush, debate, discuss, speculate about the bombshell announcement that Quentin Tarantino is developing a Star Trek movie. Apple pies, tacos, Kill Bill references and a Tarantinoesque movie pitch all collide in this 30-minute showdown!

Dec 20
PoliTreks #4: Spies in our Starciety (Part 2)
In Part 2 of our "Spies In Our Starcity" three-part series, Shashank and Barry talk about Section 31, linking it to historic and contemporary spy agencies. Using DS9 Episodes "Inter Arma Enim" and "Extreme Measures", we compare the CIA, Gestapo, CSUS, ISI methods, make-up, and tactics.

Jan 17
PoliTreks #5: Spies in our Starciety (Part 3)
In this, our final part in the Spies In Our Starcity series, Shashank and Barry take a look at the spy as an individual. This time they turn their focus on the venerable Garak!

Feb 01
PoliTreks #6: Environmentalism in Star Trek IV
In this episode, Shashank and Barry discuss the implications of the now 30+ year-old movie to our environmental situation today, how to approach the different challenges we face, and some the things that both Shashank and Barry have applied to their own life with regard to being stewards of the environment.

Feb 16
PoliTreks #7: An Interview With Manu Saadia
For Episode 7, Shashank and Barry get the distinguished pleasure to speak with Manu Saadia, author of 'Trekonomics'. This is the essential book on the discussion of what a 24th Century economy would really look like, socially, politically, and, of course, economically.

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