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Reading Trek is a Star Trek Book Club Podcast, working through the expanded universe one novel at a time. Each week hosts William and Marty discuss a portion of a selected Star Trek novel, talking about characters, plot, writing, and how it fits in to the overall Trek universe. Although you are encouraged to follow along with the reading, this podcast was designed as a way to give ALL fans a way to journey through the expanded universe together, even if you haven’t read the books. Whether you're reading along with them, revisiting an old favorite, or if you just want to know more about the expanded universe, this is a podcast for all Trek fans.

ReadingTrek's Upcoming Schedule of Novels

Star Trek Prometheus: Fire With Fire
by Bernd Perplies & Christian Humberg
The Autobiography of James T. Kirk
by David Goodman

Star Trek Invasion Series:
Star Trek Invasion: First Strike
by Diane Carey
Star Trek Invasion: The Soldiers of Fear
by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith
Star Trek Invasion: Time's Enemy
by L.A. Graf
Star Trek Invasion: The Final Fury
by Dafydd ab Hugh

by John Scalzi
The Autobiography of Jean Luc Picard
by David Goodman

ReadingTrek Episode List
Feb 19
ReadingTrek #3: Kodos, The Remorseful - Featuring "Drastic Measures" by Dayton Ward
In our first two-part episode, we are joined by Heather Barker, as we dive into the first half of Dayton Ward's Discovery Novel, "Drastic Measures". We had a great conversation about Kudos' remorse, prime Lorca, and what we think about

Feb 16
Minisode #1: "Please come to Vegas, Anthony!"
In our first off-topic minisode, Will, Marty and guest Tyler lay out our upcoming schedule to make it easier for you to follow along with the reading. We also give our instant reactions to Star Trek: Discovery's final while finding the connections it

Feb 10
ReadingTrek #2: Autism in the 24th Century - Featuring "Grounded" by David Bischoff
On Episode 2 of ReadingTrek, we take a dive into "Star Trek: The Next Generation: Grounded", by David Bischoff. We discuss autistic character choices, why Brent Spiner finally connected to his role as Data, and why this story wouldn't have

Feb 03
ReadingTrek #1: Learning to Podcast - Featuring "Despirate Hours" by David Mack
On our very first show, we discuss David Mack's Discovery novel "Desperate Hours".

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