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Weekly Trek Episode List
Apr 17
WeeklyTrek #1: Third Week of April 2018
This week on WeeklyTrek: The Tricorder Transmissions News, hosts Shashank Avvaru and Marty Allee cover all the latest Star Trek news from around the Trekverse!

Apr 24
WeeklyTrek #2: Fourth Week of April 2018
Hosts John Krikorian and Barry DeFord talk about all the latest Trek news from the fourth week of April 2018!

May 01
WeeklyTrek #3: First Week of May 2018
This week, hosts Marty and William discuss all the latest Star Trek news from the first week of May 2018 including Star Trek Las Vegas, Star Trek 4 Director announcement, and more!

May 07
WeeklyTrek #4: Second Week of May 2018
Our weekly news show! This week, Heather Barker and John Krikorian talk STLV news, the CBS/Viacom Merger, and more!

May 22
WeeklyTrek #5: Third Week of May 2018
Our weekly news show! This week, Marty Allee and Shashank Avvaru talk Discovery news, Star Trek film news and more!

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