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Jun 18, 2017
They're Animals!
This week, Jeff and Ian cover Star Trek Gold Key Comics issue 32, "The Animal People". Another distress call, another seemingly barbarian race with a dark secret that only Kirk and Spock can uncover...

Jun 11, 2017
"What's Funny To You?", asks TrekRanks
Star Trek's amazing storytelling structure is well-known for its ability to take advantage of many different genres. Whether it be action-adventure or horror or comedy, Star Trek has touched every corner of those storytelling narratives. On this episode of the TrekRanks Podcast, hosts Jim Moorhouse and Jeff Hulit are joined by Mike Rittenhouse, the founding member of the band Five Year Mission, to unveil their Top Five Comedy Episodes through the past 50 years of Star Trek. The result will surely tickle your tympanic membrane as we highlight some of Trek's best comedy moments.

Jun 4, 2017
Shore Leave's STLV 101 Part Two!
Shore Leave returns this week with part two of our STLV 101 coverage with Heather, Jeff, Marina and Jesse taking a look at convention hours, schedules and events, autographs, photo ops, meet and greets, cosplay, props and weapons policies and much, much more!

May 31, 2017
Star Trek Discovery Trailer Reactions!
On the 39th Supplemental Log, the Tricorder hosts come together to talk about their reactions to the new Discovery trailer!

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