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Jul 2, 2017 : STLV 101!

Our Shore Leave STLV 101 Series now has its own page! On it you will find links to all three episodes along with other helpful podcasts for attending the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention as well as links to information and resources to help you make the most of your con experience. Check it out!

Jul 16, 2017
Shore Leave's 2017 Vendor Room Spectacular Continues...
Jeff and Heather are joined by Lew Halboth from FanSets to chat about new pins for STLV 2017 and Larry Nemecek stops by to give an update on his plans for the upcoming convention and lots more!

Jul 9, 2017
STLV 2017 Vendor Room Spectacular (Part 1)
Hosts Heather and Jeff are joined by Dani Schwartz of ShopLLAP to chat about her table at STLV. Julie Nimoy and David Knight stop by the show to tell us all about the screening of the new "Remembering Leonard Nimoy" on Wednesday August 2nd at STLV, and Mikki Gunter of "Make It Sew" fills us all in on the new handmade Trek items she'll have on her table in the vendor room!

Jul 8, 2017
TrekRanks Runs Down The Top 5 Food Moments in Trek!
From gagh to cellular peptide cake (with mint frosting), fascinating food references have been a part of Trek from the very beginning. On this episode of the TrekRanks Podcast, hosts Jim Moorhouse and Jeff Hulit are joined by Trek food connoisseur Adam Drosin to break down our most niche topic yet! You will be surprised at the amazing character depth and storytelling layers revealed in the picks. This is an episode for fans of deep cut selections. Bon appetit!

Jul 2, 2017
Shore Leave 25
Jeff and Heather are joined by Matt Hansen and Zach Nichols to discuss managing anxiety disorders while attending large conventions. Each host and guest shares personal insights and advice from their own experiences and thoughts on how others can overcome their own struggles with anxiety.

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