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Jul 5, 2018
Character Deep-Dive / Paul Stamets

Hosts Heather and Jeff are joined by Trek fan Matt Hansen for a character deep-dive into Paul Stamets!
Mar 17, 2018
A Bomb In Time

Ian and Jeff cover issue #35 of Star Trek Gold Key Comics, A Bomb In Time. The Enterprise crew chase a bomb through time to a film set in the past!
Aug 11, 2018
Supplemental #2: STLV 2018

In this, our second supplemental episode, Shashank and Barry are joined by Jamie McGregor to talk about STLV 2018. This is not merely a recap - here we talk the politics of the Con itself, the actors, the shows, and the people going. We dive into contradictions we see about having the convention itself, and the current political climate as it pertains to the message of Star Trek in the Twenty-First Century.

Jul 22, 2018
IDW's Mirror Broken, Issues 0-5

This week, hosts Will and Marty are joined by Shashank from PoliTreks as they journey into the TNG Mirror Universe to discuss IDW's Mirror Broken, written by David & Scott Tipton, and Illustrated by J.K. Woodward! Plus, Will and Marty Transport to WonderCon Anaheim for an interview with the creatives!
Jul 25, 2018
2018 STLV Vendor Room Spectacular (part 3)

Hosts Heather and Jeff are joined by Mikki Gunter of Make It Sew for the third and final installment of our 2018 Vendor Room Spectacular! We talk about the new merchandise Mikki will have available at her table, STLV events and lots more!
Jun 28, 2018
Patreon Trek Chat #1

On our first Patreon-exclusive hangout, The Tricorder Transmissions hosts are joined by some of our Patreon supporters for an hour of Star Trek chat. If you'd like to join in on one of our future hangouts, please consider supporting our network on Patreon!
Mar 4, 2018
The Time Trap

Jeff, Heather and special guest Carl Wonders explore the 12th episode of The Animated Series, "The Time Trap"!
Jul 30, 2018
TrekProfiles #8: Justin Oser

A monthly podcast where we explore one Trek fan's history with Star Trek and hear their stories.

This week's guest is Justin Oser. Find him on Twitter at @TrekFan4747.

Aug 17, 2018
Trek Mount Rushmore

In a live recording from the official Star Trek Las Vegas Convention, our TrekRanks Panel drops some serious Trek knowledge with scores of deep chisel picks on their own Trek Mount Rushmore (or Mt. Selaya, if you prefer)! The episode is highlighted by deep cut picks, surprise interruptions, special guests and even a "Five Words and a Hashtag Summary" from a legendary Trek actor!
Aug 16, 2018
Third Week of August 2018

Our weekly news show! This week, our hosts dive into the latest Trek news for the third week of August 2018! Hosts Marty Allee and Shashank Avvaru talk Discovery casting news, season 2 updates, and more!

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