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Sep 16, 2017
Tricorder Reacts to "The Orville" Series Premiere!
Jeff is joined by two new guests, time travel expert Steve Sikoryak, and film score blogger Carl Wonders to discuss the series premiere of the new sci-fi comedy show, "The Orville".

Sep 9, 2017
TrekRanks Takes On The Klingons!
To mark the return of Star Trek to television in September 2017, the TrekRanks Podcast celebrates Star Trek Discovery with the first of two themed episodes. In this week's show our hosts Jim Moorhouse and Jeff Hulit travel the Path to Kal'Hyah with Andy Fark (drummer for Five Year Mission) and Ian Adams to unveil their Top Five Klingon Episodes. No Pain Sticks were involved, but some tough choices had to be made (as they are in every episode of TrekRanks!).

Sep 3, 2017
Shore Leave talk DragonCon... for Beginners!
Hosts Heather and Jeff are joined by Sue K from Women At Warp and Gary Mitchel of RevCast to chat about everything a beginner would need to know to attend DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia!

Aug 31, 2017
TrekRanks First Voyager Episode Is Here!
The TrekRanks Podcast goes deep into the Delta Quadrant to select their Top 5 High-Concept Voyager Episodes. Our hosts Jim Moorhouse and Jeff Hulit are joined by Adam Hunault and Brandon-Shea Mutala to contrast and compare many of Voyager's biggest and best episodes. The deep-dive conversation is TrekRanks first to tackle Voyager's epic seven season run of broad and bold sci-fi conceits. The result is another great episode for fans of deep cut Trek selections.

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